Academic Achievement

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. To support and encourage the students in their journey of learning, the school was reopened partially from August 2021. The students cheerfully entered into the school campus by wearing masks and after thermal check at the school’s entrance gate. Once again the campus was filled with their exuberance. With the grace of God a new journey of learning has begun to fulfill a new promise and a new page to be written.

1. Environmental Education:-

It is a part of day to day lessons being taught to all the students in St. Mary’s school. In this regard the school has a green look with a lot of plantation all around.

  • A forest trekking programme was organized by the school for higher class students with a motion that “To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles”.
    Students enthusiastically became a part of the programme.

  • A wall painting competition with the motto ‘A cleaner and safer environment for all’ was held by the forest department of Barwaha for all the schools.
    Our students from 9th to 12th class actively participated and won first prize in the competition. Students were rewarded with cash prize by the department.

2. Sports Achievements:-

Since the school closure was announced almost two years ago due to the pandemic there has been no sports in school.
When students resumed in September 2021 it was in the mode of manoeuvre against corona virus.

Covid 19 restrictions led to reduced level of sports activity. However the school promoted various indoor games like Badminton, Basketball, Chess etc.
Yoga sessions and physical exercises were promoted.
Meditation classes been held to acknowledge the students with the power and positive effects of.

3. Innovations:-

Innovation is the change that unlocks new values that leads to betterment and success.
The school continues to strive towards innovations and the latest practices in the field of pedagogy are being continually incorporated.
Successful conduction of online classes during lockdown through google meet platform.